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Longevity and quality of paintings

Hello there! I know how important it is for my paintings to have longevity as Art is an investment; however big or small. It should also increase in value over time so it is important that customers are reassured that the paintings will last the test of time if looked after properly. I have been painting for 13 years and have used many different brands of art materials. There are some that I use over and over again because I know the quality of the materials are good and give the outcome I desire.


Depending on the size I need, I have the option of several canvas retailers that I always buy from. The canvasses are double primed, unbleached cotton and acid free. These create the perfect base for acrylic or oil paints.


I use a variety of acrylic paint brands which have a variety of opacity but always high pigment and good lightfastness. Having a variety of unique opacities in my paintings make them look more dynamic and they have more depth.

The paint I use has a beautiful consistency and good lightfast ratings. Lightfastness is how permanent a pigment is and robust to change to environmental factors. Pigment must be lightfast to increase the life expectancy of paintings. My painting retailer claims its lightfast rating can maintain paint pigment for decades.


I mostly use either a gloss or a satin finish varnish. I have used many varnishes and have found the most perfect varnishes that give a seamless finish. The varnishes are lightfast, permanent and non yellowing. They are water resistant and non-cracking. They also protect the painting from environmental damage such as UV damage.

I hope this blog post gives reassurance of the quality of my paintings. I do my best to ensure they are as perfect quality as I can possibly get them to be so they are long lasting in your beautiful homes.

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