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Everything about our prints!

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Hey guys! I wanted to take time out of my Sunday to answer some questions I have received about my prints. I hope this clarifies everything you want to know!


My prints are very high quality images of my paintings. The process of creating the prints is time consuming. I got my current collection of paintings professionally photographed by two different photographers. The quality of the photos from the first photographer were not as high quality as I needed them to be and it was so important to me that they were as high resolution as possible! The second photographer I used was amazing and the photos came out perfect. I then began editing the images to check the quality and ensure the final outcome looked faithful to the painting.


I think I spent about a month trying to find the perfect printing company! After many enquiries at different printer shops in London, sample packs, viewings and money spent on testing different printer shops - I found the perfect print type and printer shop. I didn’t want to just go for somewhere that was cheap, the quality had to be amazing as I didn’t want to have mediocre standard inkjet prints on my website.


All of my prints are Giclee prints and printed on Canson Photo Lustre 310gsm paper. After lots of research online I found that this is the highest quality type of fine art printing that you can get. I will link below some of the articles that I found which highlight the differences between high street-standard inkjet prints and Giclee; and why Giclee is best for fine art printing. Giclee prints have a longer lifespan and are much higher quality than a standard inkjet printer.

Prints will look detailed, vibrant and sharp.

My prints can look very realistic and like real paint due to the amount of detail that Giclee shows. It is an expensive print process due to the slow print process and the expensive materials and technology it takes. Giclee prints should last 200 years or even longer if they are kept in good condition and out of direct sunlight. Art buyers, galleries and collectors widely accept Giclee prints due to their longevity and vivid depth of colour. This means these art prints can increase in value over time.

All pictures below have been taken on my iPhone 11 and completely unedited. You can see how good the quality of the prints are from these photos and they aren’t even professional! I have also done my best to ensure the photos colours are faithful to the print in real life.

I hope this answers any questions you have regarding my prints! I put my heart and soul into creating the perfect prints and it means so much that people are interested in having them in their homes. If there is anything I may have missed or if you still would like to find out any more information; then feel free to DM me on instagram @marinovacreative or you can fill out the ‘contact’ section of the website and I will get back to you as soon as I can x

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