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I often get asked questions about the ambiguous descriptions of each of my paintings. I wanted each of my paintings to represent a slice of the narrative of the world of Marinova. Every painting reveals more of the story and each painting bears the same importance of the plot.

I am currently revealing my paintings on my instagram account @marinovacreative; colour by colour. I have various colour schemes that represent different elements of the Marinova landscape.


I find blue such a fascinating colour. It is so deep, unique and special and represents so many positive aspects of the world. I believe that blue represents freedom and sincerity and an overwhelming sense of both calm and confidence. It was important to me that with this blue series; I want the viewers to feel fully immersed by all of these emotions at once.

Blue is scientifically proven to increase productivity and encourage feelings of calm. Having blue as part of your home decor can positively affect your mood and the way you feel. I love the prospect of being able to inject this positivity into peoples homes through my paintings and prints.

My paintings take inspiration from both tropical and icy oceans; as well as other natural beautiful elements of our world such as the Blue Lagoon and smoky mountains. I love using different tones of matte and metallic blues, white and a variation of matte and metallic silver. Using metallic paint in some of the paintings creates such a delicate, shimmery reflection across the canvas which looks so beautiful in the light.

The paintings names are equally requisite to the paintings themselves and the descriptions. I spent a long time coming up with a name for each painting. The name is a title for the story in which the paintings tell and the aim is to reflect the description in the title. Blue Lagoon for example; is the title for the painting which has an icy aesthetic and enigmatic creatures.


Maelstrom - An effervescent current engulfs the waters of Marinova.

Blue Lagoon - Sea Dragons dance beneath the icy surface of the Blue Lagoon.

Electric Maritime - Electricity flashes through during the change of tides.

Shaconage - Mountains slopes are surrounded by blue smoke caused by thick forests releasing water vapour

Whalebone - A whale creature emerges from the depths of this mystical and ethereal sea

Whirlpool - Clash of the cerulean waves creates a colossal whirlpool as the water flows to connect the seas together.

Zephyr - The whispering wind flows through Marinova. It is unpredictable and ever changing.

Tranquil Folklore - Tranquil harmony is requisite of Marinova Folklore.

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