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Victoria McGillicuddy is a London based artist and art teacher and the sole abstract artist of Marinova Creative.

Marinova Creative was founded in 2020 with the aim of creating both affordable and luxurious abstract art. Creating art for all, promoting happiness and reflecting the beauty of the world into different interiors is at the heart of Marinova Creative.

Each painting has been inspired by something from our natural environment; with heavy focus on oceans, forests and the sun. These are elements that bring happiness and calm into Victoria’s life and this is something that she wants to infuse into other people’s interiors.

Each abstract painting is a chapter from an ongoing story of what ‘Marinova’ is. 

Since studying at Reading University in 2012, Victoria’s work has revolved around a fictional narrative about an otherworldly planet named Marinova. This fictitious planet allows Victoria to explore and envisage the idea of a utopian world through the medium of paint. The visual language created through different colours, textures, shapes and forms blends together the mystery of the paintings with the familiarity of our world.  

Victoria has been growing her artistic practice since 2012; honing her skills through studying BA Art at Reading University and her Postgraduate Certificate in Education at University College London. 

If you have any questions about original paintings and prints, custom art or anything at all; feel free to get in touch. I would love to speak with you:

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